Friday, August 28, 2009

trusting in the vulnerabilities

though i have only been here for a few days, it has been quite an adventure. nothing in particular has happened, but i have now been to three countries in continental europe and it's my first time! (not to mention i don't speak the languages). coming into vienna, i relied quite heavily on sepp and lisa (they both know more german than i do, sepp especially). it was actually quite freeing to not be in control. i felt vulnerable (in a healthy way) and had to trust and rely on sepp and lisa.

since then, we have been trying to find our way (guided) around bratislava with nata. i have definitely been working on letting go and letting god (which came up a lot during orientation in chicago). it has been freeing, but also a bit nervewracking to trust and rely so fully on god. i am definitely not used to this. i like being confident and assured and in control of everything, so it is difficult (but helpful, i'm sure) to be in a position to fully rely on god that things will work out and that god is in control, not me. anyway, it's been interesting these past days.

on the plus side, my "rodina" (family in slovak) came through bratislava today on their vacation and they stopped by to say hi and introduce themselves. it was great to see them and i'm really looking forward to going to rankovce and practicing my slovak with them (as they work on their english with me...a trade off:-D) anyway, life is good and tomorrow is vienna, so yay!!!