Tuesday, August 17, 2010

coming home

although i'm sure my friends (and especially family) wish it weren't so, when i returned on saturday night, i did not come home. yes, i was in the house i grew up in. yes, i had dinner with my mom, brother, aunt, and grandmother. but, no. i was not home. for the past year (and stale teraz - still now) my home has been a small village in eastern slovakia. in that place i found community, love, and home. always and forever i will think of that place as home.

so, coming back to vail was hard. really hard. on sunday morning i went to church. i received many hugs (which were wonderful and more appreciated than the givers probably knew), but before the service started, i didn't quite get to my pastor to say hello. that meant that during announcements, when he mentioned that i'd be back next week and be giving the sermon, he didn't realize i was there.

when i went up for communion, i knelt at the altar and put out my hands to receive the bread. pastor scott gave me the bread, saying, "the body of christ, given for you, emily." then he covered my hands with his and said, "welcome home." with tears in my eyes, i received communion.

then i was home.

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